Let MGS Roofing Find and Repair your Leak!

If you have noticed water stain on your ceilings or walls, it's usually one of two things, a leaky air conditioner or a leaky roof. If the stains are not directly under your air conditioner or show up after a hard rain, its probably a leak on your roof. Its important to take action and call the experts at MGS to find and repair your roof. Even if you don't consier it a major problem, leaks only get worse and the damage they cause always escalate. It doesn't take very long for a small leak to get bigger, and cause problems to your roof, attic, walls and ceilings. These problems include:

  • Mold
  • Rotted Framing & Sheathing
  • Water Damaged Insulation
  • Soggy Sheet Rock
  • Cracks in Wall and Ceilings
  • Collapsed sections of Ceiling
  • Wet Floors and Carpeting

Finding a leak is not always easy. It requires a trained eye and is sometimes a process of elimination. Sometimes shingle blow off or nail pops can cause leaks. Leaks can also form due to roof design problems, lack of rain diverters, improper flashing on your roof around the chimney and skylights. Water can also enter your home due to cracks in chimney mortar, worn out pipe jacks and dried up calking around vents. Our technicians know where to look and apply numerous repair strategies to stop the leak.

MGS Roofing, like most roofing companies make the majority of our revenues from replacing roofs. Fixing leaks is a way to establish a good relationship with a new or existing customer so that when your roof does need to be repaired due to age or storm damage, were at the top of your list to call. For that reason, we keep the cost to repair your roof low. Fixing your leak is a good way to earn your trust by solving your immediate problem in a timely and professional manner! If your leak is a result on previous hail damage, it may be covered under your Home Owners Policy and repairing the leak could even be covered under the “emergency repair” coverage associated with a Hail Claim. So please give MGS Roofing a call at the first sign of a leaky roof. We are here to help!

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