We Are Insurance Claim Experts

We Are Insurance Claim Experts

MGS Roofing has been helping home owners like you with Hail Insurance Claims for over 18 years in North Texas from Dallas / Fort Worth to McKinney and beyond. When your home has been damaged by a wind or hail storm, we will take the initiative in working with your insurance company to make sure you receive the full compensation you are entitled to. Our top priority is to restore your roof and other exterior assets to their pre-storm condition, in a timely and economical fashion. We have several licensed insurance adjusters on staff that we employ to represent your interests during the insurance claim process.

At MGS Roofing, we understand the Insurance Process from the inside out. We supplement over 90% of the claims we work on as most insurance companies leave out covered items based on local practice and corporate policy. However, when challenged, they always pay these covered items. They have to! There are 7-8 items that are covered and almost always left off most claims. In addition, sometimes Insurance Adjusters are overworked and mistakes happen. MGS Roofing will make sure you are paid for all claim omissions you are entitled to during the insurance claim supplement process!

Exterior Assets Commonly Damaged in a Hail Storm

Exterior Assets Commonly Damaged in a Hail Storm

We conduct a thorough Inspection of your roof and exterior. Here is a partial list of what we look for:

  • Roof Shingles
  • Turbines, Vents and Chimney Caps
  • Siding & Fascia and Gutters
  • Windows, Solar and Mosquito Screens
  • Sheds, Patios, Pergolas and Fences
  • Air Conditioners
  • Patio and Lawn Furniture, Lights and Fixtures
  • Pool and Spa Components
  • Interior Ceilings

We not only inspect these items, we are a one stop shop to get all these areas repaired or replaced! Just Call us at 972-709-7788.

Good Service Begins a long-term view of your business! MGS Roofing is in it for the long run.

Good Service Begins a long-term view of your business! MGS Roofing is in it for the long run.

After a hail storm, we know your neighborhood will be flooded with many local and out of town roofers looking to capitalize on the storm. These “storm chasers” typically want to do the least amount of work for the maximum amount of money. Unfortunately, many of these companies lack the experience, connections and know how to optimize your Insurance Claims. What worse, they might not be around two or three years down the road to stand behind their work. MGS Roofing has a long-term view of our business and wants to make you a customer for life! We are local, insured and “A” rated with the BBB. We are also debt free and have been in business for 18 years. That’s a good indication we will be here tomorrow if and when you need us!

Great Service begins with Sound and Repeatable Business Processes!

At MGS Roofing, great service is not hit or miss. We provide great service because we have developed a repeatable set of business processes. Our comprehensive processes assure you will receive the best possible service and that your claim and roof replacement process will get the attention it deserves. Some of these processes are our “secret sauce” and therefore we can’t go into too much detail here, however, below is a partial list of steps we take on every claim.

  • Initial Consultation
  • Roof and Exterior Inspection
  • Claim recommendation
  • Claim Submission Assistance if desired
  • References, Reviews & Company Documentation provided

  • Insurance Adjuster Meeting Representation

  • Second Consultation

    • Analysis of Claim /Supplement Opportunities Scope of Work Discussed &
    • Agreement Explained and Signed / Material Down Payment

  • Roof Replacement Completed
  • Additional Side Work Completed
  • Insurance Paperwork Submitted
  • Depreciation & Supplement Check Received / Final Payment
  • Warranty Certificate
  • Follow up Satisfaction Call & Survey

We navigate these processes with the aid of a custom Customer Tracking Software that facilitates communication with you and between all of our internal departments (Sales, Accounting, Job Quoting, Internal insurance team, Scheduling, Crew Supervision) as well as, sub-contractors and material vendors. Everyone is tied together with one system and communication is seamless between departments and partners! You may have heard it takes a village to raise a child. We believe it takes a customer focused company with good processes and systems to a raise a roof! That’s the key to our success!